• Image of Webinar #2 with Liz  10/5/2016

Purchase a spot in Wednesdays Webinar -

There will be 2 time slots available to accommodate the different time zones.

10 AM (Pacific)
9 PM 9 (Pacific)

9PM Pacific time. Since I will be traveling to Seattle - lets talk about the travel side of the business. How and what I decided to take with me. Join me on private periscopes where I will show you how I see the light in a new environment. I will also be discussing the 5 different focusing systems that I use when I shoot my kids/and clients. If time allows I will cover culling and editing as well. Upon purchase you will receive all the information for attending the webinar that will include a link for you to ask specific questions.

**Depending on the size of the group - it is not a guarantee that all images and questions will be able to be answered - but I will try to group the questions together to ensure that we cover as much as we can.

I will be making a private periscope group and will use that platform to answer finding the light while traveling. So you must fill out the Q and A to be included on those periscopes.

All Material will be recorded and sent via dropbox after the week is done.